Project Description


In a scenario where the public is being systematically discouraged from gaining deeper understandings of various media and the discourse is being limited to superficial aspects, it is imperative that we find spaces and events where prolonged engagement with any medium is encouraged. The case of photography requires particular attention, since it is the medium that most defines what is accepted as reality, along with literature. Educating the public about the nuances of photography will not only prevent spread of photographic misinformation, but also promote a better culture with regards to its practice.

EtP also conducts outreach programs in schools, public spaces, and studio spaces with this aim. Programs include workshops, demonstrations, and photo-video screenings. Collaborative endeavors with artists area significant aspect of these outreach projects, enabling interaction and networking. We have already had international presence with our outreach programs, including a Polish-Indian collaborative project titled Common Room, which sought to introduce young minds to chemical printmaking, along with which an interactive online workshop allowed children from different cultural backgrounds, languages and exposures interact with one another over skype. The workshops from India were led by Indian photographer Ramu Aravindan.

Internships and Residency programmes for Indian and International youngsters is another project that we have been conducting successfully since 2015. Presently, we are in the process of raising funds for setting up a permanent space that would include a community lab, auditorium and other facilities to enhance our efficiency and reach.


Interactive online workshop Linking India and Poland

Interactive, live, participatory workshop was conducted on 23rd April 2016 between Tiruvannamalai, India and Szczecin, Poland. The children who took part in the Common Room combined design, photography and other related art forms to create a pattern, which were then reproduced on textiles and exhibited at the Kids Love Design Festival, Poland.


Guiding Young Artists

We provide diversified opportunities for graduate and post graduate students to learn from experienced photographers. Based on individual requirements, each intern will be linked with an expert from the field. The programme started in 2015 and continues till date.

Internships for under graduate and post graduate students in the fields of photography and printmaking.


Workshops in analog and digital photography for upcoming photographers.


Community Lab, a collectively supported hub for traditional print making.Open for young and experienced photographers.


FOTO Residency for young and experienced photographers looking to push boundaries, and want to create a cohesive body of work.