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Showing Artists: Lina Issa, Naveen Gowtham, Vinit Gupta, Alex Fernandes, Parthiv Shah, Robert Nickelsberg, Martin Parr, Yannick Cormier, Rania Matar, Ramu Aravindan, Xiangjie Peng, Swarat Ghosh, Taha Ahmad, T Narayan, Arun Inham, Ramith Kunhimangalam, Dinesh Khanna, Debmalya Ray Chowdhuri, Mukul Roy, Sunil Gupta, Nick Oza, RR Srinivasan, Lt. Punalur Rajan, Abul Kalam Azad, Shibu Arakkal, Ram Rahman, Fabien Charuau, David Bate, and Chandan Gomes.


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Photography, today’s most modern and democratic visual-art medium, has gained a popularity comparable to music and poetry. With digital technology, photography has become an easy one-click application, making everybody a photographer. It is estimated that 3.5 trillion photos have been taken since Daguerre captured Boulevard du Temple, 179 years ago. This calculation was initially based on the films made and sold by the film companies. Presently, the number of images that are posted in social media platforms is used as one scale for measuring the number of photographs produced. However, this statistic can never be absolute, as many photographs never see the light of the world. For example, only 20% of photos taken actually end up on Facebook. Even less – approximately one out of 1 lakh photographs, or 0.001% – are printed and preserved for posterity.

Every photograph has a value and captures a slice of history that contains several layers of information and memories. Even the casual photographs and personal records offer meaningful insights. The work of a thoughtful photographer, on the other hand, has immeasurable importance as works of art and epigraphical documents. It becomes the symbol of our culture and lifestyle, a pride to be protected and promoted. It then is the responsibility of the public to protect them, before time erases and destroys these invaluable visual treasures.

Ekalokam Trust for Photography (EtP), a non-profit foundation with 12A and 80g exemption, is dedicated to protecting and promoting contemporary photography and allied art forms.



At this paradigm shift moment, concerted effort and organizational support is required to preserve photographs for posterity. Unshackling photography from formats born from colonial documentation and journalism, and creating visuals of the fast changing culture, landscape, and the indigenous lifestyle of people is also important, as photographs can play a big role in ensuring that a society remembers its past. The medium has so far been reliant on brilliant individuals, but collective, public archives are the need of the hour to effectively cover this vast subject area.

Photographs are uploaded on Facebook every single day
Photographs are uploaded on Instagram every single day
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the life and work of photographers is a specialized and often neglected job that requires considerable financial, infra-structural and human resources.


and preserving photographic visuals of a region and its connected cultures is a necessary task today, given the fragmented nature of individual documentations.


traditional photography involves setting up of a state-of-the-art digital and analogue printing, processing, research and conservation lab as well as educating photographers and enthusiasts.


contemporary Indian photo-art, its aesthetics and practices and supporting photographers to preserve their works demands networking, liaisoning and advocacy.


Creating Visuals & Promoting Contemporary Photography and Connected Art Forms


Indian photography has struggled to break away from the confines of photojournalism and an imperial gaze for too long. Looking back at our history critically, not just through photographic practice but also via its overlaps with other media, is the key to realizing photography’s unlimited potential. Photomail online magazine, published both in English and regional languages, attempts to rethink the place of photography in the Indian context, acknowledge the offbeat, the original, and the pioneering, and push away its limiting walls.


The premiere show of Project 365 Tiruvannamalai was co-hosed by Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata and EtP, with the support of Ministry of Culture, Government of India, and successfully held at Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata from 16th Feb to 26th Mar 2018. The show featured six of the twenty-five photographers who worked in the project.

MEN OF PUKAR solo exhibition

EtP co-hosted Abul Kalam Azad’s Men of Pukar photo exhibition supported by IFA. The exhibition was held in a traditional Nattukottai Chettiyar mansion in Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu. The show attracted the rural audience, many of whom were also photographed by the artist, as well as photo-enthusiasts, historians, academicians and artists from surrounding villages and cities.


Ongoing Tri-Sangam Ports project creates and preserves photographic visuals of the fast changing culture, landscape, lifestyle and people of the contemporary locations of Sangam-era port regions situated between the Malabar and Coromandel coast; the interconnected maritime international port regions situated in the silk/spice route; and the connecting rivers/waterways, and their inland surroundings.