Ekalokam Trust for Photography

EtPis an artist run foundation registered in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. Our area of operation spans across the tri-Sangam period Tamilakam territory that comprises of modern day Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala, Karnataka, parts of Andhra Pradesh and northern Sri Lanka. EtP was founded in the year 2013 by photographer Abul Kalam Azad, art-enthusiast Kulanthaivel and management expert Tulsi Swarna Lakshmi.


Photo Archive is our initiative to preserve the life and work of contemporary photographers . Currently, the focus of archivists is mainly towards conserving pre-independence photographs. The colonial India and her history and culture presented through these photographs have an undebatable antique and cultural value, but there is a pressing need to archive the visual documents of this period, as the social history and art of independent India is of equal importance to that of colonial India.


We marked a unique insignia in the photographic realm with our maiden venture titled “Project 365” – a public photo-art project aimed at collectively creating photographic visuals of the fast-vanishing culture and lifestyle of South Indian society. The pilot phase organized at Tiruvannamalai saw an year-long effort by twenty five photographers being rewarded with over 3000 photographs of the ancient Tamil town. The second phase of the project will be organised at the tri-sangam ports, and the third phase will create visuals of the entire Cauveri River and its basin.


EtP is taking the initiative to set up a community photo lab, which will be a centre of research and experimentation for both professional and upcoming photographers. We prioritize working with the analog medium and printing techniques, and look to revive traditional photographic knowledge and research. We also look forward to combining digital and analog media in order to produce optimized and innovative results.


EtP residency program provides an unconventional studio space for photographers and photo-artists to live and work in, while at the same time offering an opportunity to observe the creative process in an open studio format in a village atmosphere. Our community centered analogue & digital photographic laboratory provides space for the young and upcoming photographers to explore and experiment with the traditional photography medium. The visiting photographers and photo-artists could either continue their own project or develop a project with the support of our creative team.


We bring contemporary art to the larger public through innovative every-day use art merchandise. The art scene of our times has been conditioned for the urban setting, where the trading, showcasing and collecting of artworks are centred, away from the larger Indian audience, who are inadvertently excluded from being able to enjoy art. Our aim is to make artworks available in an affordable and endearing manner.

Common Room is an initiative by ARTmosphere, based in Poland. Common room is aimed at young audiences, promoting cultural exchange through new technologies and focusing on processes related to art, design and photography. In 2016, children taking part in the Common Room will design fabric patterns, graphics and images, using time-tested analog media, which will then be reproduced on textiles. In India, the workshop was organized at the EtP campus in Tiruvannamalai on 23rd April 2016. At the same time, the participating youngsters will be interacting with the children from Poland through an online networking platform. Both the designs and the clothes will become a part of an artistic installation planned as the culmination of the first stage of the Common Room’s 4th edition. The next stage will take place in India in the second half of 2016.