Tri-Sangam Ports

Much before we started talking about the modern globalization and the global village, in an age that was not affected by narrow nationalism, parochialism, adamant ideologies and communities, people were moving without Passport and Visa controls across the Indian Ocean and beyond. The maritime exchange was not restricted to the business of the traders or elites – numerous craft groups, fisher-folk and navigators were contributing to the cultural exchanges that stretched for more than two millennia. The communities across the three seas (munnir) still retain prominent traces of theexchanges, ruptures, and travels that characterized the Sangam age. The collective photo-art Project 365 – Tri-Sangam Ports will involve participation of local, national and international photographers and the public in creating contemporary photographic visuals of the diasporic and

cross-cultural connections, life, lifestyle, landscape and people of the port towns and inlands of the ancient Tyndis, Muziris and Korkai. Each participating photographer will choose a concept and methodology for their individual project, which will become a part of larger narratives when the projects are collectively viewed. The photographers can experiment with traditional and modern photographic techniques, .The project will also open avenues for the public to engage directly with contemporary photography, and promote awareness and knowledge of our visual assets and heritage.After the year-long creative phase, the photographs collectively created as part of the project will be preserved in public archives, and efforts will be taken to establish local museums with support from the government and other agencies.

Project Concept – English

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PROJECT 365 TRI-SANGAM PORTS  The ethos of a people characterizes their quintessential nature as embodied in the psycho-behavioural orientations of inter-subjectivity so as to form generic traits that define their life- world and impart the

Project Concept – Malayalam

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ഏകലോകം ട്രസ്റ്റ് ഫോര്‍ ഫോട്ടോഗ്രഫിയുടെ (ഇ.ടി.പി) ആദ്യ ഫോട്ടോ-ആര്‍ട്ട് സംരംഭമായ പ്രോജക്റ്റ് 365 തിരുവണ്ണാമലൈ 2014-2015 കാലയളവില്‍ മൂവ്വായിരത്തിലധികം ദൃശ്യബിംബങ്ങളിലൂടെ വിജയകരമായി പൂര്‍ത്തീകരിച്ചു. രാജ്യത്തിനകത്തുനിന്നും പുറത്തുനിന്നുമുള്ള ഇരുപത്തിയഞ്ച് ഫോട്ടോഗ്രഫര്‍മാര്‍ ചേർന്നാണ് ഈ വിസ്മയം സൃഷ്ടിച്ചത്. ഇപ്പോള്‍ തിണ്ടിസ് (തൊണ്ടി), മുസിരിസ് (മുചിരി), കൊര്‍കൈ എന്നീ സംഘകാല തുറമുഖങ്ങളും അവയുടെ

Project Concept – Tamil

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பண்பாடு, மக்களின் உள நடத்தை அமைப்புக்களின் இடையேயான உள்ளுணர்வில் பொதிந்துள்ள மிகச்சிறந்த இயல்பினை விவரித்து, ஒரு இனத்திற்குறிய வாழ்வியல் பண்புக்கூறுகளை வரையறுத்து, அவரை அடையாளப்படுத்தும் தனித்துவ தன்மையினை அவரது சமூக கலாச்சார வெளிப்பாடுகளுக்கு அளிக்கும். மனிதனுக்கு மிகவும் நெருக்கமான இருத்தலியல் அனுபவங்களைப் பிரதிபலிக்கும் கூறுகள், இந்தப் பண்பாட்டின் அடையாள

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