Photo Book


Our photographers have created more than 3000 photographs of ancient Tamil town Tiruvannamalai. We are in the process of bringing out the Tamilakam Rekaikal photobook, which along with the eponymous exhibition series, will showcase curated images from this archive.

Tiruvannamalai Photo Book

Since its earliest mention in Tamil literature which dates back to the ninth century, Tiruvannamalai has been known to have harboured rich traditions in philosophy, literature, architecture and art. The town itself is most popular for its Shaiva tradition, which still stand today. The multifaceted culture of the town can be seen as a representative microcosm of the sub-continent itself, with a significant floating population and varied religious communities being parts of Tiruvannamalai’s identity, together with the standing and visible traditions of public art and architecture. To add to this, Tiruvannamalai has a rich photographic tradition too – photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eliot Elisofon, Dr. T.N. Krishnaswamy, G.G. Welling and P.R.S. Mani Iyer having created iconic photographic images in and of the town.

Project 365 – Tiruvannamalai was a continuation of these traditions, a public photoart project that celebrated the diversity and cultural worth of the town, working on a community-level to create artworks that are to be owned and protected by the people. Twenty five photographers have worked with diverse media, over the period of an year, to leave us with an archive of over three thousand photographic images, an archive not only notable for its abundance but also for its depth and distribution of focus. The first installment of Tamilakam Rekaikal will offer a curated peek into these images, retaining the uniqueness of each photographer’s work, while building a collective, cohesive and non-linear narrative.