Large Format View Camera, 4″ x 5″ Film Negative, Archival Pigment Prints


Born and raised in Calcutta, Varun Gupta went on to take pictures of his adventurous travels at a very young age, developing his very own style as he practiced various techniques and documented his experiences. After school, he moved to the US to get his Bachelor of Arts degree and worked as an animator in New York. He studied photography at the Light & Life Academy in Ooty when he returned. Now a professional freelance photographer based in Chennai, his love for travel and image making as an art continues to take him places. As part of his personal work, his areas of interest are landscapes and portraits. Varun Gupta is known for his ongoing project Photo-Sewa, that began by chance at the Kumbh Mela a few years ago, in which he hands a Polaroid photograph to the subject he photographs. As part of Project 365, he continued his Photo-Sewa, making portraits of the pilgrims and sadhus who frequent this ancient Tamil town, Tiruvannamalai.