35mm Digital / Smart Phone, Archival Pigment Prints


Shibu Arakkal, son of eminent painter Yusuf Arakkal, was born and brought up in Bangalore, where he completed his BA and got his training in digital media. Since 1999, Shibu’s works have been exhibited both in India and abroad, earning him several awards, including the prestigious ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ Gold Prize in Digital Art for his work “Constructing Life”, exhibited at the Florence Biennale. Shibu speaks of Tiruvannamalai as having a quality of letting its inhabitants’ beingness reach the simplest and most relevant level, this being the spiritual quality of the town, owing to its deep root in history and philosophy. Tiruvannamalai also retains its own identity, its own being, despite being inhabited by several communities and ruled by different monarchs over the centuries. Shibu’s untitled series taken using 35mm digital camera explores these facets of the town, focussing on life and identity at the most basic levels.