Photo Art Notebooks

The photo-art book and notebook, has an incredible potential in reaching out to an audience who, for one reason or another, do not have access to regular exhibition spaces and/or to acquire and collect photographic art. However, an artist’s photo-art book still preserves an involuntary eliteness in that it is not as prominent in most homes as literature has become, owing no doubt partially to the relative novelty of the medium, but undeniably also due to a lack of penetration of contemporary art into the everyday life. The multiple illustrated photo-art books and photo-art notebooks, soon to be published by EtP, will depict the ancient Tamil country and her long-standing connections with other cultures and continents from ancient times to the present. EtP pursues its vision of promoting and popularizing photo art by bringing out a publication series titled “Tamilakam Rekaikal” – contemporary photo imprints of the fast changing culture, landscape and life-style in South India

Mini Photo Notebooks

Ten different titles

Value addition in art not only includes making art functional, but also means making art accessible to common people. Exquisitely designed and printed, these notebooks inspire your imagination and go a long way in adding class and style to the everyday requirements of modern life. These lovely notebooks are an irresistible attraction to book lovers and travelers and beyond their utility value, they form exquisite gifts for friends and loved ones. The perfectly bound 200-page notebooks of size 4.5” x 8.5” are professionally designed and printed in multi-colour offset on 110 gsm natural maplitho paper. Has gold foil print on cover and three months moon cycle starting with full moon is printed at the bottom of each page. Rs. 250 per notebook (Postage etc.,)

Book of the Red Hill

Contemporary Visuals and Poetry Notebook

When Abul moved to Tiruvannamalai in 2010, he had left behind most of his belongings including his camera in Cochin. On the small notebook that he purchased, he began to doodle images of Tiruvannamalai – in bars, tea shops and so on. Later when he posted these images on Facebook, Delhi-based Sunita Jugran offered to write poems based on the doodles. Sunita is a housewife and mother of two and composes poetry during her cooking and other free time. She intuitively connected with the doodles and drawings and created the poems. This will be printed in notebook form and is included in EtP’s “art in everyday life” series.