As part of our residency programme, in association with Russian Photographer Stanislav Solntsev, we had organized a Photo Junket connecting the ancient Silk Route in South India. The five day programme commenced on 2nd May 2016 and was concluded on 7th May 2016. A team of four documentary photographers joined Stanislav to get more training, exposure and expertise. Before establishing himself as a freelance photographer Stanislav studied Art, Architecture and Medicine and has few years of practice as a Surgeon. A passionate surfer and traveler, he has travelled to many countries. He studied Photography and Arts at ECIAD in Vancouver, Canada. Yet he considers himself a self taught photographer with over 10 years in the field. Stanislav’s major interests are People whether it is travel portraiture, lifestyle or kids. He has received several awards. Stanislav has being living and working in Canada, Austria, UAE, South Africa, Croatia, Russia. He now splits his time between Moscow and Cape Town shooting assignments for International Brands, Agencies and Magazines.

Creating and preserving visuals of the fast changing culture, sociology and landscape of India has been the prime focus behind all our programmes and projects. Our residency programme provides space and opportunity for National and International photographers to explore and experiment with the photography medium.